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Sacred Limitations

Is this discovery or disintegration? Poetry and philosophy annihilates the precipice Fear of abandonment and the idea of death Fall apart in the face of natural phenomena I am a fortress, though I am penetrable Undeniable, genuine, there is no absence of theory, Spending allotted time every single day to contemplate and stare Into the numb silence of truth, as I honor an arsenal of

Coping mechanisms Gasping, but not out of breath Dispensing tears, but not from eyes closed Never smothering the words out

All flames can be written You can feel your heart beating in Every part of your aching body Gravity pulls the moon toward you And you welcome its mighty nourishment Lifetimes pass as you scream into the sun Expressing ecstatic release and glory Gratitude smolders grief There are no sacred limitations Bleeding hearts become less afraid over time Broken hearts are mended when you Emerge from your once vital Quarantine, and remember To water your garden

#disintegration #limitations #poetry #philosophy #abandonment #death #fortress #genuine #silence #truth #coping #gasping #tears #heart #body #moon #sun #ecstatic #gratitude #garden

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