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Waking up to a new dawn,

a sense of forlorn settles.

The day goes by,

in a blur of mindless noise and senseless sound.

Anything and everything is a reminiscence of a happier time. Time which should've stayed frozen and never gone by.

While the day keeps sanity in check, nights haunt the memories made.

For every thought of learning to move on, a tear and another is shed.

Waking up again, it is all a cycle.

Each memory a stab in the heart, the feeling that of a dagger twisted in.

The healing is yet to come, a long road yet to be traversed.

Someday inner peace will be found.

Through the ache, through the pain, there be another dawn.

A dawn of tranquility. A dawn of sweet happiness.


Devika Joseph is a friendly introverted bibliophile with a penchant for writing. She is of Indian descent, currently residing in Kuwait.

#dawn #day #mindless #senseless #sound #everything #time #memories #learning #cycle #heart #healing #peace #happiness #pain

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