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all of this when I wanted to keep white roses in your eyes.

you always wanted me to fall in line

like a soldier does and keep my mouth clean but I was always saloon mouthed

and frequently kicked out

with bourbon on my tongue.

when I would return home all

hollowed out I would lay down on lamps to see

myself spread thin on the walls.

I make a pretty wallpaper

don’t I dear?

I wanted our love to have the

expiration date of the honey

in Alexander’s sarcophagus.

instead I got a free-fall head

to go along with my lack of

a parachute.

this deal I made with the devil was a lie.

you won’t be here to whisk me to heaven.

or even to sleep.


Josh Levario is an undergraduate student studying English and Creative Writing at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

#soldier #mouth #bourbon #tongue #pretty #love #honey #devil #heaven #sleep

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