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You Will Find Me

Riding waves of anxiety and a sea of bad memories and cravings for that which kills me You will find me trying to weather my own storm and make it through the night

There is nothing you can do to quiet the maddened sea But if you must do something, feel free. Do this: Be kind to me.


Klyde S. Warren is primarily known for writing intentionally silly pieces, but he also writes some serious stuff about mental illness. As a PTSD sufferer on the autism spectrum, Klyde channels a lot of his anxiety into his poems. When he isn't hunched over a pile of papers at his favorite coffee shop, he enjoys board games and books about a variety of subjects. Klyde is based in Omaha, Nebraska.

#anxiety #waves #memories #cravings #kill #storm #night #nothing #sea #free #kind #poetry #ptsd #autism

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