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The Subway

I stood rooted in the swaying cabin, my eyes pursuing a resting place that would not disturb the roaring peace.

My eye snags on a face, a gaze meets mine, a moment of grim solidarity,

I avert my gaze.

The face approaches me, sweat wells on my brow, the face hovers parallel to mine

bringing an uneasy silence that the screeching car can’t break.

The face is swallowed by a mass of bodies; that could hear a pin drop

over the groaning engine.

How can people bring such smothering loneliness?


Andrew Shnider is an aspiring Taoist trying to make sense of life through poetry. He is constantly trying to expand his horizons by seeking out new experiences and perspectives. He enjoys conversation of all kinds, and encourages you to contact him at Andrew is based in Montréal, Canada.

#subway #eyes #disturb #face #gaze #solidarity #silence #bodies #loneliness

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