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explain how you feel

blocks of shattered

seashells on fire

ridged and burning

in my stomach

up to my sternum

my lungs closing in

my heart mingles with the smoke that

travels to my head

the tidal tears building behind my

eyes being stopped like

a sand dune suppresses the waves

the current traveling up into my

brain pressures my

skull till it


down to my eyes

the hurricane welcomes

the pressure of the

sea salt water crashing

over me

i am

drowning deep

wishing to swim out of the water

but the sea floor

seems more comforting



Marissa is a student at Hunter College in New York City studying Creative Writing who firmly believes in the power of writing to help alleviate psychic pain.

#fire #burning #stomach #sternum #lungs #heart #smoke #tears #eyes #waves #brain #skull #hurricane #drowning #water #comforting

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