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Hierophanies for Goblins

Photograph by Sheila Fitzgerald


Grew weary of speaking in universals Couldn't finish my work when selection of the perfect phrase took eons

Attached my business card with sixty peerage titles in half-point font

With unlimited time and infinite resources I could manage the waste of these importuned forces

Grew weary of abattoirs and people behind bars And too many laws and not enough peace and this side that side can't side me The engine room of the world laid bare, with its kyriarchal trappings everywhere A coal trimmer's shoulders, the seat behind the throne, the misdirection Painstakingly honed

Grew anxious at having to choose between a set of contending opinions If right mind exists then can someone who knows only filth be truly wrong? After mining the first asteroid for nuclear stewardship deterrents deployed We're never going to make it to Kardashev I while we perceive other beings as

Less than ourselves

Grew anxious as I lay, contemplating things on my list today But time enough to sit, take care of myself, send love to the haters who wish me ill Flatulent bovines chew their cuds while beachfront basements fill with mud Without that mud, the lotus can't grow and without the lotus no jewel to bestow

Grew distant from other humans It took me too long to realize that the sum total of my brain is nothing I can observe interactions and model quantum particles with tiny transistors But I'm looking forward to the age when I can merge my mind with

Machine intelligence

Grew distant, that's all, clinging to suffering I recall a rousing awakening,

Arousing great doubt, and who is dragging this corpse about? I think in 50,000 years evolutionary pressure will make our eyes

Goddamn enormous for facile scanning of displays on a sub-micron level

And I'm undismayed

Grew unattached

Grew unattached


Abraham Hmiel is a lapsed computational quantum physicist and current data goblin cyborg based in New York City. He writes music under the moniker "Holistic Wellness."

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