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doodroep/(ever)last(ing) gasp

(Original in Afrikaans)

ek skilder myself vas ’n fetus in ’n winterboom sodat die lente kan kom maar die impastogreep van bas

kramp krom

en dig ’n blou kring

om die kind se mond

totdat botsel-oë ewig sluit

klein gebalde vuisies gestuip

hemelwaarts rig

(English Translation)

I embed myself with paint a fetus in a tree that grows bare to rebirth colors and light air

but the impasto-grasp of bark

is a holdfast of denser words

tightening hardening

back labor a blue rhyme

around the child’s mouth

blossoms on still eyelids

the thin fold of skin

that clasps all

raised fists


Fransi Nieuwoudt is a South African Artist & Poet

Author of:

'n vlerkslag van kleur: Publisher: Cordis Trust

weer-lig: Publisher: Naledi

Language: Afrikaans

#paint #fetus #tree #colors #light #air #words #rhyme #eyelids #skin #fists

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