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Safe Carry

A Walther revolves around the moon

Bringing about the oil tide

Everywhere you go Even when you’re gone

I see your blackened path.

Melodies still leak from this piano untuned

Singing a song of neurotic pride “I love the you I’ll never know” Even when you’re gone

Believing you’ll make it back

Tell me when it’s okay to die

Tell me when it’s okay to die

A pill revolves around the sun

My warmth, my warmth,

And what it forever hides

My love, my love, It’s contorted and festering

The you I always knew

Wretches up oil and cries

Praying for rain

Oh god, the horror Even the devil’d shed a tear

Just to get you wet At least you’d look different then

I want to cleanse these memories

I want to cleanse these memories

(But my head aches Until the clock quakes

Bullets and pills Hot and cold I’ll swallow them both To dull the dulling) So, I’ll drown them in the Styx

The water is warmer than I expected, and as it washes over me,

I don’t hold my breath.

There’s a last butterfly left

I’m so sorry I don’t want to do this To everyone it’ll hurt

I take the Walther that revolved around me,

And put it to my temple, The hammer bows It begins to pray

Slowly, I revolve around the earth All is calm, all is bright Ironic lungs fill with eternal life I’m so sorry, to the few who loved me

Sleep in heavenly -

Six point one pounds All you need to be able to erase yourself

But I forgot which river I’d jumped into


So, tell me when it’s okay to die,

And I’ll just find another world.


Joshua Ivey is a person from Tennessee and can be reached on Twitter at @Josh_VEAG.

#moon #oil #melodies #neurotic #love #die #pill #sun #warmth #rain #cleanse #memories #drown #water #erase #world

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