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Incandescent heart

Photograph by the author


All fowls die young trapped in their cages oblivious to what's outside their inner world

oblivious to the meaning of true freedom

All birds change their feathers to mimic their environment

all birds become flames to survive

If I were to become half of what the scenario has done to me If I had the chance of putting on one last costume solely for the sake of entertainment I would choose to be buried alive under all the roses of your dead garden

No room for second thoughts

no room for enchantments

I would die slow and beautifully like a long time dead bird waiting to be rescued from the insides of the monster

No one listening to their tweets No one giving them the satisfaction of remembrance

Just a quick and easy death Like the one you forced me to perform But this time I die twice

And what remains is to be forgotten forever within the depths of this silence.


Kay Amundsen is a non-binary poet residing in the Basque Country. They were born in 1997 and have been writing poems since they were 7 years old. They are currently studying philosophy and are a lover of raw, emotion-guided poems. They are also a very angry feminist.

#fowls #die #freedom #inner #oblivious #environment #flames #birds #thoughts #garden #dead #monster #remembrance #death #silence

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