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A Night in Thought

I. Hearken an Aching Heart

There’s a feeling

deep in my being,

reaching up,

felt in the canals

I made of my body.

Felt in the irregular


hearts meet.

Light blasts into the

wooden room at a

soft angle

song angels

dance in the dust

I let my tears fall into

the approaching dusk,

and wave goodbye to who I was.

Taking a heavy step forward,

Older, now.

II. An Inquiry

What have you seen?


Who have you told?




Left alone,

Silent throne

-away chances

of mismanaged glances

Save me.

(or something)

Some day,

I’ll be free too.

IV. In-Between

Less pages,

Less patience.

I write to pass the time,

and also to conquer it.

Bison burgers,

and other memories

from a family trip to

another planet we took

when I was still young

enough to believe.

Leave it all

behind you,

is a chorus of love

but you’ll never see it

if you don’t turn


once in a while.


I digress,

Confess I wish

I knew more


Maybe I shouldn’t,

But then maybe I couldn’t

Reach out and touch you

Which is all I ever wanted


see you around.

Even if it’s only another

dream of your pale face.


The only thing to leave you with:

Be certain of uncertainty.

Someone is waiting,

waving for you.

Goodnight to the dark skies

and farewell to the fog.

Turn the lights off,

I can see better that way,

wary of perfection.

VI. Drifting Off to Sleep (The Primal Dream)


a small boy writes his first poem.

We are all our brothers’ keepers,





and hope-meeters

Someone tell that boy he’s loved.

If you look in the right place,

you’ll notice he was with you all-along.

Fleeting is not a characteristic of night,

you are.


Griffin Hamstead is an undergraduate student at the University of Georgia where he studies English and Sustainability. He is an avid reader, outdoors enthusiast, and aspiring poet and person.

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