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Ode to an itsy-bitsy spider

O spider on a water spout

In the crook of the world

Bend of the mind

Spinning a synaptic quilt

Patterned to snare

Any fluttering notions

That would stray near

First seized Next distorted

Finally, imbued

The product is to be repurposed

Employed to extend the weathered web

Increase of extension Extends increase Increases fragility Fragility, vulnerability

Vulnerability, inevitability

And inevitability demands loss

And you, itsy-bitsy spider Are to climb up the spout again


Mathieu is most anxious when in a full room. He is least anxious when walking. He mostly writes about climate change and does not write about personal matters. He has one poetry collection and one degree. He lives in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada.

#spider #water #world #mind #distorted #fragility #vulnerability #loss

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