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A walking leech and a depressed girl walk into a bar

you call me, beg to meet me and say that

you have a girlfriend, its an open

relationship and you want to take me

out. I screamed “fuck you” and you insisted on

staying soon you left her and a month later we

hung out and you brought me flowers. The

bottles broke, liquid spills, anger expels

but you insist on looking at rings and taking

me to therapy to fix my head, but nothing is

good enough so maybe it’s my medication thats

between me, us, and eternal happiness. The

comedown felt crossfaded in the worst way

and I was suffocated by greens and browns,

but maybe it was just my own thoughts that

was between me, us, eternal happiness. The

times you would say they’re just a friend, no one

to worry about I believed you despite reading the

same conversation of marriage you had with me early

on you’re now having with them, and you tell

them about my depression, anxiety, and PTSD and

you call me, a psychopath with no hesitation.


Marissa is a student at Hunter College in New York City studying Creative Writing who firmly believes in the power of writing to help alleviate psychic pain.

#relationship #flowers #anger #therapy #medication #happiness #comedown #suffocated #depression #anxiety #ptsd

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