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because you stood there for a moment waiting to finally figure out a way to make sense

you became more aware of what awaits and what was

lying in a patched couch you spoke what was on your mind

elaborate lies, but you didn’t know

you were in a cave, while other people worked hard

you considered life’s opportunities and took none of them

it wasn’t out of fear nor was it out of laziness a cold beer and a joint made you feel enlightened

and suddenly everything else was gone

you felt beat you were heat you knew it wasn’t gonna last long

before they find you a spike in your forearm with the crazy eyes of the ones who didn’t know

they were getting too close to the sun


Loup Havenith is a Belgian poet and musician living in Paris, who likes to explore themes of loneliness and alienation, balanced by a furious desire to feel alive. He cites his main sources of inspiration as the Beat generation and Jack Kerouac in particular, Japanese Haikus, and Rimbaud's symbolist poetry.

#vision #moment #aware #mind #lies #cave #fear #enlightened #crazy #eyes #sun

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