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ewige / eternal

(Original in Afrikaans)

takke snaar die windharp maar my ouma is nou-weer-die-boom

(ge)heel(en)al die alomklokkenis sy stingelkling ́n laaste noot teen stoflike bas

en vibreer haar crescendo-bel l u g r u i m

(English translation provided by author)

branches string the wind harp

but my grandma is

altogether-and-yet-again the omnipresent tree ̶

chimer in chimera

she echoes to coda

an expanded c a d e n c e


Fransi Nieuwoudt is a South African Artist & Poet

Author of:

'n vlerkslag van kleur: Publisher: Cordis Trust

weer-lig: Publisher: Naledi

Language: Afrikaans

#branches #wind #omnipresent #echoes

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