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The roots

Photograph by the author


A trembling shadow approaching

the stones of all the fallen creates an empty echo

imprisoned by the dust of time

The key for untangling the memories is long forgotten or stolen I no longer know how to pick up the pieces I no longer know how to disengage myself from the pain

Your steps keep hurting the earth that you stay in

Your spit keeps the flowers from blooming

I kneel before my old mistakes, for they will create the river within me

I am just a body after all weak mortal genuinely ignorant about the world

hoping for a tree to stand beside me

in deep communion



Kay Amundsen is a non-binary poet residing in the Basque Country. They were born in 1997 and have been writing poems since they were 7 years old. They are currently studying philosophy and are a lover of raw, emotion-guided poems. They are also a very angry feminist.

#shadow #empty #echo #memories #forgotten #pain #mistakes #river #mortal #ignorant #world #forever

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