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Over Again

Do you hear the rattle-rattle Of static in your ears that snaps like gunfire? Or the clip-clap-clomp of boots in the mud As we shift on our beds and groan under the sun?

Morning rises and I hear the bugle-cries Of whistling cars and laughing passerby, Sculpted like marble with heads raised high,

Impenetrable to the shrapnel that I face Both day and night, all day and night, But especially at the break of light. Enemies are hiding on the other side, But my whispers say they are all on the inside. Shh, shh— do you hear it? Yes, A shadow figure wrapped around metal whistle,

Legs straddling the head of a level earth, screaming

Over the top, Over the top, I fasten my jacket and grab my weapon, Feel the comfort of my rental trench, Climb over the barbed wire and into the street,

Where I fight the daily war with myself again.


Michael Rance is a graduate of DePaul University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History. He belongs in either a cabin in the woods or a snug hobbit-hole, but for the time being he lives in Chicago, Illinois.

#static #gunfire #sun #morning #shrapnel #night #light #shadow #earth #screaming #comfort #war

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