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Here I Am

Ruining the fun again With my nervous expression A smile that isn’t quite convincing

Stifling the chemicals rushing around Coursing through my body Telling me I’m in danger I know I’m not in danger;

I am safe

But my brain betrays me Preparing for a battle Or the run of my life This fight is getting old


Amy Shankle is based in Bakersfield, California. She is currently studying English and works as a freelance copyeditor. She regularly writes poetry surrounding her own struggles with anxiety and depression and is actively working on a collection of poetry inspired by mental health disorders. She strongly feels that we all see the world in a unique light, and that we should all aspire to help others realize we are not alone and we are not to blame. The currents of our minds might be strong, but we can calm them even if we have to ride those waves for awhile.

#fun #nervous #smile #chemicals #body #danger #safe #brain #battle #fight

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