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My hero doesn’t wear a skirt made of steel. She wears a shirt from K-Mart dated in 2003. My hero doesn’t fight crimes. She fights gangrene and sores that don’t heal. My hero doesn’t carry a sword. She carries the weight of the world.

My hero doesn’t wear a cape. He wears a button down with the sleeves rolled up. My hero doesn’t have a long planned out speech. He knows his actions speak louder than words. My hero isn’t always there to save the day. He finds a way to make each day better.

My hero doesn’t have hair that flows to the ground. She wears her short locks with an eager pride. My hero doesn’t have any special powers. She knows the power is within her words. My hero doesn’t need armor. She lets love be her only protection.

My hero is not what you see in the movies. He is a real person with flaws. My hero is not the one from comic books. She is a real person who makes mistakes. My heroes are not super in any sense of the word. They are family and friends who try their best.

Heroes come and go. Heroes get up and try. Heroes smile. Heroes cry. Heroes know when to quit. Heroes know when to push through. The heroes are me. The hero is you.


Kristen Azzopardi is a writer, a mental health advocate, animal lover, and compassionate, curious creature based in Staten Island, New York.

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