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What if it doesn't get better?

what if it just grows like a disgusting fruit and rots, and gets eaten by a hound of flies

and what if it painfully strangles me taking me by surprise

what if, from there, it’s just a slow ride to the dead valley, to the dreadful alley cornfields, a supernova in the sky spring blossoms, and I can feel the fresh air on my cheeks but then it gets darker and darker until no light can prosper until no eyes can bear the vision of a dry ocean

what if it doesn’t get better?


Loup Havenith is a Belgian poet and musician living in Paris, who likes to explore themes of loneliness and alienation, balanced by a furious desire to feel alive. He cites his main sources of inspiration as the Beat generation and Jack Kerouac in particular, Japanese Haikus, and Rimbaud's symbolist poetry.

#better #fruit #rots #painfully #dead #dreadful #sky #air #feel #darker #light #vision

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