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My Tempest

Arms wide open, facing the horizon, I let go into the fall, shattered heart in tow. Wind whips past my hair, adrenaline courses through my veins. I close my eyes in somber bliss, reveling in the tranquil silence. A fall to never return from, a fall to the unknown depths, I fall into the inviting sea, a stormy sea. Water clouds my vision, waves swirling around. I gasp for air, searching for a redemption. An outstretched hand, my heart beats in relief. I reach out to grasp, only to feel it slip. A brush of the thumb, a stroke of the fingers, It fades into nothing, only a memory remains.

I see the sunshine fade, feel my last breath leave. I close my eyes, a smile in tranquil bliss. I sink into the dark waters, into the eye of the tempest.


Devika Joseph is a friendly introverted bibliophile with a penchant for writing. She is of Indian descent, currently residing in Kuwait.

#horizon #fall #heart #eyes #silence #redemption #memory

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