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My Cozy Hell

Cuddled up and burning With the stories I won't tell, I find comfort in my scars While I rest broken by myself.

I breathe my cigarettes Lit by that cancer-giving peace Of such a friendly ash like death Brings pleasant nightmares to my sleep.

Withering in this ecstasy Of loneliness and pain, I caress my silent torture In the husk of loves remains.

I hold tight my regret And savor every screaming cell Found lost inside my faithless temple: My cozy, cozy hell.


Brian Raichlen is a young creative writer based in Portland, Oregon. He sites his biggest influences as the lyricists who draw from their own intensive struggles, and use them to create beauty through the aesthetic of spoken word. His own work primarily revolves around themes of internal experience and emotional conflict.

#burning #stories #scars #broken #breathe #death #sleep #nightmares #ecstasy #pain #regret

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