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Spoils of Development

What goes to man for he has lost the world The beaches glass and the table rock The gears of clocks stand still on sand Obliterated by waves of time

The splendor has been drained and the bird has lost flight

Flayed upon the scalpel of logic

In what truth is there still hope What corner unreached

Our homes smothered in the thirst for knowledge

Those shelves filled That beach washed, shining

That table, braced by those great pillars made from the souls used to build them

Halls rested, their eternal slumber awake Shall the bird grace air again So that such flight

Might carry it away from the house of men


Chase Dustin is a struggling writer dealing with crippling Bipolar Disorder, who enjoys writing anything from Philosophy to Science Fiction, and Poetry. Chase has been a freelance content writer and editor and continues to write everyday from home. Writing helps unload some of the anxious energy he gets from his Bipolar Disorder and he hopes to heal himself and others through the power of written word.

#lost #world #glass #time #truth #hope #logic #beach #flight

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