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At fifteen I found myself staring deeply at a ceiling barely visible. My mind was clustered with delusions of uncontrollable outcomes and my reason clouded with tears.

I had no thought of farewell;

A single letter could never convey emotions for the ones I love. I saw no solution to the inevitable course of my life.

I was destined for greatness among shit circumstance and a declining mental state.

The rope holding me up kept getting tighter,

and with a mouthful of medication the pedestal at my feet turned to ash;

A broken neck exposed in a failed attempt. Five years later I find myself lying in the same bed,

studying a pattern so complex my mind gets lost.

The man I love sleeps soundly beside me And the distant sound of the cat’s late-night

mischief plays downstairs. My mind is in a daze, past problems and those of late swarm the

filing cabinet that is my life.

I am barred beneath the weight of pressure, fighting a high-casualty war.

But I am fighting fiercely to triumph, certain of victory yet stumbling for a strategy.


Kelsey King was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee and is currently studying Web Technology at Pellissippi State Community College.

#minds #delusions #tears #shit #emotions #circumstance #love #lost #pattern #pressure #daze #triumph #war #victory

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