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Cracks in the Glass

The cracks in the glass

can be useful.

If you’re a struggling science teacher

looking to gain some traction

just put some water at the base

for a lesson on capillary action.

If you’re an ant colony

looking for a new home

then go explore those crevices

build your queen a glass throne.

If that cracked glass ever gets

into a glass-on-glass fight

those marks are like scars

signaling experience and might.

If you’re a person struggling

with perfectionism and vanity

let those cracks be your reprieve

bringing you back to sanity.

Or maybe those cracks were made

in defense of a loved one

and while they aren’t pretty to us

to them they mean a ton.

The cracks in the glass

can be useful.


Darren Incorvaia is a behavioral ecologist, PhD student, educator, and writer currently based in Lansing, Michigan. He enjoys the outdoors and hates haircuts.


#glass #struggling #science #teacher #cracks #scars

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