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Born Abandoned

I was born abandoned, no light to guide me on my way.

I was born an orphan,

In darkness now I lay.

The forest’s shadows full of tricks and illusion.

I wander this maze endlessly,

Mind filled with confusion.

Left by he who had me begotten,

I was left by holy spirit,

Left to be lost and to be forgotten.

And as I look upon the faces of most of my kind,

I see their empty gazes,

they too look for the path, that I long to find.

I know I might still be lost for ages,

Looking for the answers,

In the words of prophets and of sages.

I also know that I might never,

Walk in the right direction,

And thus be lost here in this world, my bonds not able to sever.

I might die and never know,

Where I have come from,

Or where I will finally go.

Yet please understand, how I ache to end my tome,

By saying; I was born abandoned,

But at last I found my home.


Max W. Montfort is an aspiring poet and novelist as well as an amateur philosopher. Hailing from the Netherlands, Max is interested in subjects such as; religion as well as identity & ethnicity, and is most fond of re-watching old episodes of Monty Python. Feel free to send a message or strongly worded letter to;

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