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Bone Song

I think it’s about time you buy new bones Because I want you to be healthy So you can outlive me And then I will be bones And I will be alone And there will be a single rose sticking through my ribcage Sticking through my bones There will be birds and there will be words Like I have never heard Because unlike you, robins never weep and Marrow doesn’t keep and You don’t know this now But one day we’ll be bones somehow Do not grieve, little bird, you'll lose your whistle Mourning is a selfish thing Do not make me sing Do not mourn my bones Take your beak and simply, swiftly, as a weeping bird does Pick the lonesome rose And in time, I will be back for you I will pick you too


Lulu is a singer-songwriter, music therapist, substance abuse counselor, and poet from New York City. Beyond creating, Lulu's greatest passion is helping others. She feels that sharing experiences through art is integral in the process of healing.

#bones #healthy #birds #weep #words #rose #lonesome

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