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Point Blank Stares

A point blank stare is a fire in the rain

A wide-awake nightmare that

We are all the same

Your mind takes flight

As it enters your soul

Deeper and deeper

Into the rabbit hole

It only stops where

Nobody goes

A widespread pain is a fire not contained

Burning wild and free like

You and me

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

This is what life ought to be

Abandoning ideologies

Defeating all indignities

Discovering our identities

Leaving blood upon my eyes

Like shedding flaming tears

Only when we see it coming

It becomes our greatest fear

My dear, hold me close

The end is drawing near

And I was always the one

Who they would call dreary

They said that I took

Life much too seriously

But that doesn't mean

I can't take a fucking joke

But you were all deaf ears

To every word I spoke

Now this is it, kids

This year's greatest surprise

When we all learn to shut our mouths

And open up our eyes


Raf Santiago was born in San Juan, a city of old ghosts and buried Spanish gold. He is a father, a painter, a lover, a fighter, a poet, a musician, a wisher, and a dreamer. He is the lead singer and guitar player in a band called VX based in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Raf loves life, art, and music and honestly believes everyone in this world can reach deep personal understanding and true self love.

#stare #fire #rain #mind #nobody #free #wild #life #blood #eyes #fear #tears #end #always #joke #deaf #surprise

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