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My world of chaos

I am powerless as I watch my world in turmoil

I try to calm it down

But I am only throwing oil at a fire

I am slowly realizing its end as I see no changes, despite the effort

I close my eyes and try to forget

But it's hard when the air smells of ash

I am cowering as the sound of the flames grow

I cover my ears and try to reason

But the voices inside had died out

I am a husk of myself as I see my world in debris

There were nothing I could do

But sit and watch as it all burns down

I am nothing but darkness as I see the sun set on my horizon

The night fills me with regret

But at least now my world is quiet


Martin Fuhre Petterson is a poet from Norway, who has been writing for the past few years as a therapeutic outlet.

#powerless #turmoil #fire #eyes #forget #ash #darkness #regret #quiet

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