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What We Carry

Two men of The Way walked down a path one sunny day Renounced all life’s luxuries, devout they dare not stray No home, career or family to set them both apart For they have vowed their lives to search for truth within their hearts.

As they walked they came across a woman by the stream Shining with such beauty they had thought it was a dream "Pardon me!" She called out, "Could you carry me across?" It was clear that one man was ready, the other at a loss.

"It would be my honor," he said. The other struck a glare "For you to be stranded here surely is not fair." So he picked her up and carried her safe across the way Then sat her down, said goodbye and continued with their day.

As the two men walked the air grew tense, one man still cutting eyes "I can’t believe you carried her! Your vows have turned to lies! Forgetting The Way by which we walk in the face of this small trial Or did you choose to lay it down to carry her for a while?"

"It’s interesting that you bring this up and illuminate my sin It is true that I carried her but have you looked within? You’ve missed the point of all our vows, in them you’ll surely drown I said goodbye three hours back, you’ve yet to put her down."


Eb is an amateur artist that simply enjoys the act of creating; whether it

be through words, wood, or sound. Eb's background is in Religious Studies and enjoys studying Philosophy, Theology, and Astronomy in his spare time. Although the deepest questions in life can never be definitively answered, this does not stop Eb from searching.

#path #search #truth #hearts #beauty #honor #sin #goodbye

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