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Scrap Metal Surgeon

My eyes were open too long and a draft has gotten in fully open shedding light on all my many sins now this room is creeping cavernous cadaverous suggestions of something haunted and dangerous

A subtle wind blows between my heart and lungs my neglect my indifference let it enter in the first place my ribs and the spaces spread to make space my organs shuffled to accommodate

Starving on the inside my mind the open sea my chest the night sky blown open a scrap metal surgeon a life without purpose how long have I been like this wanton and shiftless the writing on the wall indiscernible and cryptic

Still the same skin though I’ve shifted within it how long have I been like this drifting and listless the shore is gone it’s already too long my voice used raw and aching singing somebody else’s song


Clara Paradis is a writer and artist from BC Canada. Reformed drinker, now instead she hangs out at home and makes art. She is currently hard at work on a kid's book that she plans to release in the coming months. Clara's lifelong struggles with anxiety and depression have always found healing in the creative process.

#eyes #light #haunted #heart #lungs #sea #sky #life #purpose #listless #skin #song

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