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That Sinking Feeling

(Visual art credited to the author)

i want to take you and i want to hijack an entire passenger plane i want to fly it over the atlantic ocean and admire the view then all at once cut the power engines motionless cockpit is dark as we begin to fall and keep on falling first crashing against the sea surface slow, slower, and even more slowly sinking until we hit the sea floor only then would you understand the feeling you give me every time i see you


Shelby Hawkins is a 20-year-old from West Texas, USA. His main passion is music, creating his own electronic music, and spending days working in a music store. He has recently started trying to cope with the dreadful feelings he experiences through the healing power of the written word and visual art.

#fly #ocean #view #power #motionless #dark #fall #sinking #feeling

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