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Sea Glass

I am made of sea glass And all the times I panicked Soft and weathered Once part of a whole Manufactured in a sheltered city Used to help fill Warm bellies before a man got too Drunk and tossed me out to sea On Christmas

I am made of beach sand And the time I fell asleep Face-down and burned my rough skin raw So I could finish my dream

My past is a mystery to those who hold me All they know, what is in their hand I am, thanks be to the waves Silent when asked to be so I am an expert at letting you go

I was probably okay once, if I remember Became cracked and bruised up back in December Gave up and got myself banged up on the docks I was strong but I was no match for sea rocks

Then I was tumbled and pulled out to sea from earth And I bobbed and weaved through my own rebirth

Now, soft edges where the rest would be Now, decoration, you can’t see through me Smooth to the touch, strong No more sharp corners If it still has sharp corners it is not yet ready

I repeat if it still has sharp corners it is not yet ready

I am the opposite of how I began Float like a butterfly that cannot swim Caged like a bird without any wings That could not fly so it learned how to sing

I am made of sea glass And all the times I cried As I held on for comfort From everyone who died

I have all these experiences

From all walks of life Started out as a vessel I am a misfortuned treasure

I am now, a soft weathered blue I am music and I am stories and I am part of your room I am alive I am free I am Made of sea glass I always will be


Lulu is a singer-songwriter, music therapist, substance abuse counselor and poet from New York City. Beyond creating, Lulu's greatest passion is helping others. She feels that sharing experiences through art is integral in the process of healing.

#panicked #christmas #drunk #beach #sand #dream #skin #past #mystery #comfort #free

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