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What Was It Like?

It was like—

It was like awakening from one nightmare Only to find myself in another.

It was like a phantom limb Wanting to come back to me But not able to find its way.

It was like a black plastic bag over my head It wasn't just that I couldn't see But the suffocation that almost killed me.

It was like trying to see stars on a city sky I squinted and pointed but- I guess the stars were too shy.

It was like nothing you could ever imagine, dear child.

And you will never to able to write A poem that comes close To the feeling of sudden powerlessness And sudden anguish And sudden transcendence All at the same time.

So, go, write your poem as best you can And don't ask me this question anymore. Ask me, instead about how I bounced back Now, that is a worthy lore.


Psychologist by day. Poet by twilight. Asleep by midnight.

Shweta Bhat has been many things in her short life - software professional, teacher, writer, counsellor, theatre artist and poet. She prefers to be a Jill of some trades and a Mistress of some. Above all, she believes in doing everything out of love. Shweta is based in Bangalore, India.

#nightmares #phantom #suffocation #sky #powerlessness #write #poem #anguish #transcendence #lore

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