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your love took on a shape immense

tell me how you burn my friend through winding day as night descends in places no one dares to look and find the light nearing its end i poured tea for you inside and wait with heavy breath to hear the tide that surges from your heart free from the cuffs of mundane mind as it goes on and on and on through fingers eyelids agile limbs a font of hidden wanderings which only you could ever know

i hope none else will ever know the shallow sunlight of your brow how you thought now was then and then forgot the future you had lived below without a ray of sleep with dreams of yearnings and green coffee beans your love took on a shape immense it burst through walls and rooms and cities spanned continents and global seas until it reached their earthly limits and pressed upon the fabric of reality

in such occult activity i hate myself for having left you so alone within that trance and pray that you forgive and let me go


Radu is a student at the University of Warwick, in the English and Comparative Literary Studies department. He smokes too much and is fascinated with the interplay between the reader's imagination and the poem's playground in any given instance of reading.

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