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Beach Song

Caught out at the turn of the tide you learn to swim beneath the waves though the ocean never meant you harm still, corpses wash up every day.

But swim away from that dream the cold one that bites at you the one where you look down on yourself feeling better than you have in years.

And looking better with polished shoes and clipped nails a scrap of seaweed pinned in your lapel and a coral wreath around your head.

Swim away from that dream the one where the ocean fills your casket And you are lowered slowly And no one says a word.

Find your way to shore because the millions of dollars worth of suits are useless on the dead, and you are needed at the head of the table.


James is a 24 year old poet from Queenstown, New Zealand, with a lot to say, most of it dark. He writes poetry because he can't solve world hunger, and poetry seems like the next best idea. He is influenced by the likes of Leonard Cohen, John Berryman, Dostoevsky and Thom Yorke.

#tide #swim #dream #ocean #dead

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