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To forgive is to admit defeat

Do your ghosts promise to love you too? Mine write to me, their letters always signed fittingly. I know it’s a lie, yet still play the innocent child each time, following them down the hall to

the dark room with the swaying light. Their words are hushed whispers crawling up each and every hair on my neck until all stand at attention, the good little soldiers they are, readying to fire back.

My eyes will come down quick, fissures running out from each corner, as I’ll turn and face the empty hall, and force myself to look around, to find myself alone, then drag my soles back home.


Mikael was previously an acting major at NYU and is now working on a degree in game design at UTD. He has spent quite a bit of time moving from city to city, never really able to settle down and feel comfortable.

#ghosts #love #write #innocent #dark #eyes #alone #home

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