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Famous Last Words

I wasn’t kidding when I said “You kill me, kid” Deep, hot breath like fire in my bones and Your hands two stitches sewing up my hips

I got so drunk off the scent of your skin Blood loss by a bitten bottom lip Blindness, because the look in your eyes was no match for mine Cause of death: side smiling

Are these love-bites or lacerations Handprints where they shouldn’t be Chicken pox goosebumps 98.6 degree burns where you touched me

Walk-of-shame eyebags Nausea from nerves Deafening dirty talk Pleasure paralysis

You used my nickname like dynamite My Achilles inner thigh Hypothermic chills then Hands pulling at my hair like chemo

I lost three limbs when you pinned me An emotional amputee Breathed you in so deep my lungs collapsed Can’t you see I’m dying on your watch?

I always said I wanted to donate my body to science But never like this

My famous last words were Your name over, and over And over again


Lulu is a singer-songwriter, music therapist, substance abuse counselor and poet from New York City. Beyond creating, Lulu's greatest passion is helping others. She feels that sharing experiences through art is integral in the process of healing.

#drunk #skin #eyes #nerves #chills #science #words

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