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Holy Anatomy

On the first day

You are a lover. You are fragile, soft Not unlike how a bruise is tender and your smile just as purple. You are the nectar of suffering, Cataclysmic in your affection.

On the second day

We love with our eyes closed and teeth bared. I was never taught that the velvet of words and contusions are actually the same thing. You come in from the garden laughing wildly, mouth unmoored and saccharine. Smelling of honey-flowers, lavender, the sweetest and saddest of goodbyes.

On the third day

You split sunflower seeds and the sky wide open. Sometimes we lose track of the light, of each other, And sometimes we are just birds Flocking together in the only formation our instinct knows by heart. The mornings were most holy; you teach me that there is no forgiveness without crucifixion. I spread my arms wide Half bird and half woman, all sacrifice, I begin to lick my own wounds.


Jacqueline Donofrio is a coffee addict, horror movie enthusiast, and weekend binge drinker. Sometimes, she writes poetry.

#lover #smile #suffering #affection #eyes #teeth #sky #light #heart #holy #sacrifice #wounds

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