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The Battle Inside the Brain

I hate that I’m a slave to my animal urges deeply rooted I wish I could purge them. It’s crazy how lazy the 9 to 5 makes you takes you in its crushing grip breaks you till there’s nothing left till all you want is a cold beer and a tight fit and maybe a little snack when you’re through with it. It’s only human to want a comfy bed and a full belly a someone to share it with but these mounting distractions are attracting all my time and money and it’s not funny when seconds minutes hours are wasted like burning dollars when you’re stuffing your face or yanking your chain instead of bringing some beauty to this pain instead of bringing some light to this day instead of bringing some shelter to this rain. The storms course won’t change and nothing can be done until we win the battle in our brains. When we short circuit this circus and find another way to make it through this game while staying sane. It’s not fair because

the rules have changed but there’s nothing

we can do- no one cares

about me and you I know it’s sad, but it’s true. It’s not all bad cause here’s the truth: there’s power and strength inside of you. A crazy genius fiendin' for a way to break free and bring visions to life that cut through the strife and pain like a knife. All you need is this key to set it free, now here’s what you gotta do: leave that monster full of rage and hunger

in its cage- all it’s good for

is noise and pain. You do that, you’ve got it made. You’ve won the battle inside your brain.


Mick Theebs is currently serving as the inaugural Poet Laureate of Milford, Connecticut. In addition to writing poetry, Mick enjoys cooking, hiking, and painting. He also runs the art website ALSO THAT. More of his poetry can be read in his collection titled Somnambulist. To stay up to date on Mick's snarky takes, follow him on Twitter @MickTheebs.

#animal #purge #nothing #human #distractions #time #beauty #pain #storms #sane

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