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No You Don't

I am here for you. Seek Help. See a professional.

It’s like a redundant record on a loop. Everyone disingenuously offers to listen but rarely follows through. People say they want to see you happy but are absent when it comes to do. It has become socially cool to care publicly which is worse than not caring at all. The attention drawn by big scary “depression” is only used to make

an impression. An impression that you care, and you’re a good

person. As an adult is this who you saw yourself becoming in your

adolescent version? People stand by their word and sleep on their

action. I keep trying to tell you but you have no reaction. I want you to listen but you won’t. I tell you I think about suicide and you say, no you don’t.


D.W. is a hobbyist writer based in Chicago, IL.

#help #depression #suicide #listen

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