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Identifiers of Femininity

You are a volcano always accused of eruption. Whether or not you Lay dormant you will be feared. You will carry your keys in between White knuckles like a secret weapon and gift your best friend

Pepper spray for Christmas, because God knows she’s afraid to walk Home alone at night. You will be expected to smile, receive graciously and benevolently The hungry eyes of men twice your age, The whistles and catcalls of boys who haven’t yet hit puberty. You will always have a reason to be angry at your body, To pick and scratch at your skin and twist your flesh in your hands until you are skinny enough to be deemed ‘beautiful’. You will be expected to hide your intellect, to rely on your looks and charm instead of your brain, to not have a brain Because God forbid you’re smart, Because it’s the smart ones who Get hurt. Because you know too much And your wrists are too thin and fragile to defend yourself. Men have decided that happiness looks good on you,

But sadness looks better.


Jacqueline Donofrio is a coffee addict, horror movie enthusiast, and weekend binge drinker. Sometimes, she writes poetry.

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