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There was never enough time to become who I wanted.

It seems as though I have been filtered by the day and by the night, The ritual of seasons It seems as though I am not afforded the luxury of moving forward.

Grapple with me, let me heal you I have found that I am less inclined to take my own advice the better it is, but I wish that weren’t true. If I prayed, I’d ask for eyes set to the horizon. If only I weren’t caught up in the traces of it.

So that I don’t forget to feel, I inhabit my ghost. One who ride the tide at its highest, Grazing melon yellow fingers across each star. Occasionally I pluck them. Only then do I wonder if I have a right, see, I ask not for permission.

I’m saying, I play god in the same breath as I swallow dirt, For I know, at least, I am no one winded woman.


M. La Colla Linquist is a bipolar poet from Lawrence, Kansas, currently living in Italy.

#time #night #ritual #heal #feel

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