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Elegy for a zippo

my lighter stopped working today, exhausted by its own tiny passions the crick of the metal wheel sounding more like sea lacquered coast than a precursor to flame, more like scraping bow than a violin's voice, more like futility than warmth.

i guess i had gotten used to that feeling of being able to show my emotions without inhibition, of being able to bear the little spark of my heart with the sudden and genuine intensity that so often lights youth in the most fleeting colors. maybe it's just the result of a passing of time, unavoidable and natural.

but for all that i am i can't stop thumbing the metal teeth, hoping in the most human way that something can come out of nothing.


Brenden Norwood is a 21 year-old active duty Marine from the Northeast (USA). After he serves his time, he plans on attending Columbia to further pursue his writing.

#exhausted #passions #warmth #feeling #colors #teeth

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