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boozey boys

jameson was a regular around our home since he was easier to swallow than the truth of growing apart. he was just as familiar as i was with every scar on your body.

i loved being the person that gets called at 1:47am to shovel your jack oozing body into my passenger seat even if it only meant 3 minutes of coherent conversation with you.

you’d mosey your way from the bar to the couch to my bed in a pathetic manner keeping your bourbon in tact, yet upchucked your intentions on my mattress.

i’ve never seen you drunk but I always feel drunk when i’m with you beer and cigarettes linger the leather cut into my soul and for a moment i felt euphoria


Marissa is a student at Hunter College in New York City studying Creative Writing who firmly believes in the power of writing to help alleviate psychic pain.

#truth #scar #body #drunk #soul #moment #euphoria

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