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Have you ever tried to dig into your mind? To sift and root through the clutter accrued, To cut and burn all which you have derived, To wade through the shit to save those precious jewels.

It’s an arduous task not many can bear To look themselves deeper through their own eye. To tread through the reflection, one should beware: For you are the doctor with the tools best to pry.

They say it changes one, reforms them anew, An archaic practice with a purpose most just, To probe the mind's eye and realign the sinew, Until there’s nothing left but the reflection of a husk.

But was the atrocity worth it to quiet the demand? A catharsis in killing, but your soul be damned.


Nick Worthington hails from the sweltering heat of Phoenix, Arizona. With a predilection for punk music and horror films and a dream to own his own bar, he's a young aspiring writer who is just trying to find his own peace of mind.

#mind #burn #eye #purpose #quiet #soul

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