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dawn’s approaching, outside, the psithurism’s heard, my wholeness already swathed by the morning breeze; as if inviting me on a sound sleep, yet, still awake— shattered heart, fractured self, lost soul. . . screaming thoughts; the monsters— they’re killing me. in this four-corner concrete— i was caged. finding freedom, i, scared— that they won’t hear this cry for help. i, afraid— they won’t feel, i can’t breathe, and won’t notice my agony.


Keen Balcorta was born and raised in Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Philippines. She is currently a 12th grade student taking up General Academic Strand. At the moment, she's still on the crossroads in choosing the path she will take in life; writing gives her comfort and freedom in times of anxiousness.

#screaming #monsters #freedom #caged #sleep

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