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looking for a girl. She has brown hair, but dyes it shades of blue and violet from time to time. Her hair coils, but she straightens it to

feel a sense of control of what’s going on in and on her head. Her eyes are big and green, but blue, but also sometimes brown always watery but always dry in the late night as she sits awake admiring the moon and how it changes, but it changes slower than her ability to change her thoughts on life and death and word on the street is that she is a good friend, but not a friend to me. She finds comfort in a crowded train, to not be alone even though she is lonely. She has many lovers and companions, but keeps them at an arms length to get choked out to feel her existence. But what I’m asking is, have you seen her? Is she here or in the...


Marissa is a student at Hunter College in New York City studying Creative Writing who firmly believes in the power of writing to help alleviate psychic pain.

#girl #control #night #moon #life #death #lonely #comfort

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