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Existential Flurry by Steve Montagno

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

*buzzBUZZ. Bouncing around the interior of my mid-morning brain in a carbonated fit. Thoughts of material acquisition, extra shit. Chill in the air, empty space in the house. I occupy a window like a museum exhibit for drive-by visits. *restless tooth chatter. Scanning the room back and forth waiting for an agenda to manifest. There’s always the coffee shop. Or the gym. There’s always the snow and I could sit by the fire watching it melt on impact on every surface too warm to support the mini-tundra or I can get in the car and circle the block staring into the storm of flakes on a crash course with the windshield or I can stand in the middle of the yard looking up lost in the stellar white spin, endless. Each meets the same end anyway. **big breath. Somehow I’ve just done all three and now I’m dripping with universes pooled on the skin of my face, soaking it in. all this exploration makes my stomach growl but I’m stuck in the space between 17 thoughts holding out for gentle punctuation. Little islands I just can’t seem to shore, a siren song would close this loop. It’s too gray out there to be a day. *bummer.


Steve Montagno is a Philadelphia area native in constant search of an elusive something. “I’ve spent a thousand lives in my head restlessly overthinking the next best thing, and trying to remember them all with words like little polaroids.”

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