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Fishermen by Peter Siska

We are still waiting.

A sound mind is: oblivion,

says a man.


he’s eating his fish


It’s noon,

The sun is not moving above



living, salty air.

The murmur of the waves.

He will return.

I say, but the sound

is not mine


The words

just fall out

of my mouth.

I look at the clouds.

The water. The place,

where the sea and the sky

are one.

Where everything

cleans into silence.


Peter Siska was born in 1984 in Hungary. He graduated from the University of Miskolc, now working as a literature teacher in a high school. He has published his poems, among others, in Tiszatáj, Ezredvég, Ex Symposion, Opus literary journals and several anthologies. His first volume of poems, entitled A rend, amiről a tárgyak beszélnek (The order that the objects are talking about) was published in 2021 by the renowned publisher Parnasszus in Hungary.

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